Construction Update Q1 2023: Pinewood Place

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March 2, 2023
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Beaufort Properties
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January and February 2023 saw the completion of the foundation columns and shear walls. Shear walls are rigid vertical reinforced concrete walls that allow the transfer of lateral forces. Engineers describe this as the most detailed stage in the construction process because after this phase, the floors tend to be more repetitive and easier to follow.

We have engaged Nextregra Construction (NR), an experienced contractor in the local market. We previously used them at our Riviera Residence project, so we have a good working relationship. NR has supported our project with experienced engineers and site supervisors to ensure this complex stage is completed smoothly.

We are moving on the to the first floor and pool deck area in March.

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  1. Julius March 29, 2023

    Your Ridge Building brought me here. That’s my route home from work sometimes, I was so impressed I have gotten this far.

    I would love to work with you soon.


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